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BT offer many options for keeping costs down by combining spend on BT lines, calls, mobile and broadband such as: optimum call rates, capped call charges, inclusive call packages, special offer rates, bespoke line rental and discounted broadband rentals. Please contact us to find out more about the latest offers.


  • PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Network lines are your everyday standard analogue phone lines which can also be used as alarm or fax lines, for card payments on PDQ machines and for broadband services.
  • Featureline: Helping to simplify call management for small businesses, these lines offer some very useful additional features such as call diversion, 3-way calling and call waiting.
  • ISDN Lines: With a choice of ISDN2 or ISDN30 you can enjoy exceptional line quality for voice, video and data, together with a range of digital calling features including unlimited Direct Dial In (DDI) numbers.
    ISDN2 for offices with 2-8 users
    ISDN30 for larger businessses
  • SIP Trunks (via BTnet Premium Services): Session Initiation Protocol is a technology that enables calls over an IP connection, rather than a phone network. This reduces costs and helps to maximise network investments. For businesses who have invested in, or are considering investing in a network, SIP will help that investment go further. BT's SIP service routes call traffic over BTnet with Quality of Service (QoS) to give fast, reliable service and connectivity.

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