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What is BT Cloud Voice?

BT Cloud Voice is a virtual phone system hosted in the cloud. That means you can benefit from the latest call management features without having an office-based phone system. Plus you get all the functionality of a traditional system but with the flexibility to do so much more.

It’s ideal for businesses of any size and adapts to meet changing needs, so whatever the future holds – moving to new sites or an expanding workforce – you’ll have the capabilities to do so. You are not restricted and there is no need to buy expensive upgrades when you only need one more user. It is flexible and linear and a true service rather than a prohibitive, one off capital purchase on your business.

BT's optional training programmes are also available to help you make sure your business gets maximum benefit from your BT Cloud Voice service, especially around its collaborative and feature-rich unified communications capabilities.

It's easy to get started

BT Cloud Voice is easy to set up and even easier to use. Customers don’t need any specialist IT or technical knowledge because we’ve got that covered. We also provide loads of support, including videos to show how it works. We’ll work with you to help get started, and be there every step to make sure it’s all going well. Also, as there’s no time-consuming on-site installation: core business operations won’t be interrupted. BT IP phones arrive ready to use; all you need to do is plug them in and you’re pretty much ready to go.

It is simple to start using a cloud-based phone system:
we can take care of it all

As your business develops and your needs change, we’ll keep supporting you and maintain your service at the right level to help you achieve your goals.


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