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ZAGG was launched in 2005 with the invention of InvisibleShield, a technology used to protect military helicopter blades from high-speed damage. Originally introduced for the Apple iPod, InvisibleShield now protects a plethora of electronic devices and has become the best-selling screen protector for mobile devices.

In 2010, ZAGG pioneered Bluetooth-enabled tablet keyboards, allowing consumers the option of using their tablet as a PC. Since then, ZAGG has continued to lead the way in keyboard design by introducing ground-breaking innovations such as an intuitive channel tablet stand, island-style keys and special function keys. In March 2015, ZAGG introduced the industry-first foldable Pocket keyboard for smart phones.

The next natural progression for ZAGG was to broaden its focus to other categories, offering a full line of mobile accessories for its customers so that they have everything they need from screen protection to power to audio.

Technology moves fast, but life moves faster. ZAGG creates products that keep up with you to make your life truly mobile.

One company with industry-leading brands in each category


ZAGG is the #1 brand in tablet accessories in the U.S.A


mophie is the #1 brand in battery cases and external batteries in the U.S.A

Screen protection

InvisibleShield is the #1 brand in screen protection in the U.S.A


IFROGZ is a top 5 brand in headphones and audio in the U.S.A

Choose BRAVEN for award-winning, rugged bluetooth speakers

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Why mophie?

The #1 mobile battery case brand in the U.S.*

Established the battery case category for mobile devices

The most focused and accomplished innovation lab in mobile power

mophie is not a mobile accessory, it’s a mobile necessity